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connoisseur /ˌkɒnəˈsəː/ noun an expert judge in matters of taste

Inspired by the radiant fearless Parisian women, Connoisseur is a collection of Parisian luxuries.
Our collection showcases eight luxury items that have drawn inspiration from seven emblematic colours.
And together they represent one brand signature.
The Parisian luxury is symbolized by the feathers, pearls, camellia, wool and gold ornaments.
The colours of Paris are pink, beige, gold, red, and blue.
These are the colours of youth, elegance, triumph, passion and liberty. And finally, the classic union of the colours black and white.
Black and White together, because one can’t exist without the other.

Still Heart perfume bottle 1

Still Heart

Colour of inspiration - pink.
Year 1920. A bouquet of oriental fragrances, Still Heart was born in Rue Bachaumont. Crushed pink “stargaze” lilies, poured into glass bottles cut in the shape of square diamonds. Diamonds – that poetically sparkle across the perfumed necks of Parisian women.

Still Heart perfume bottle 2


Colour of inspiration - gold.
This golden watch, like the gold relics of Byzantine Empire, symbolizes the timeless elegance of Parisian women. It embraces both the genuine and the faux. The genuine gold in the hearts of the brave, legendary women. And the imitation gold that graces their petite wrists.

Image of a watch
Dolce & Gabbana perfume bottle 1

Dolce & Gabbana

Colour of inspiration - white in union with blue.
Year 1985. Light Blue was born in the heart of Milan. Made with Jasmine essence – the most expensive and luxurious of all floral essences.
This is the fragrance Mademoiselle Ambroisine, the famous French ballerina, wore to her Swan Lake performance.

Dolce & Gabbana perfume bottle 2 Dolce & Gabbana perfume bottle 3
Image of a brown bag

A Brown Bag

Colour of inspiration - brown.
Once again inspired by the gold that adorns the interlaced chains of this handbag.
Brown - because it is warm, simple, natural. Because this bag is the symbol of the simplicity favoured by all Parisian women.
The interlaced gold chain straps and the leather imitate the 2.55 Classic Chanel Handbag.

Image of a brown bag 2
Image of a blue bag

A Blue Bag

Colour of inspiration - blue.
Blue offers a sense of sophistication. Parisian luxury lies in the soft wool of this bag, in the gold chain that adorns it, and the pearls that lace it.

Pair of red boots

Red Boots

Colour of inspiration - red.
Red is the colour of passion and fire. It is the declaration of a free spirit. Inspired by the iconic red lips of Parisian women and the soft suede - these boots are designed for improved wear and comfort.

Pair of red boots Pair of red boots


Colour of inspiration - white in union with black
White - because in the beginning there was white. Black - because it accentuates the essential. It reveals a woman’s radiance.

Mademoiselle Coco Chanel once said - "I want jewels that slip between the fingers of a woman like a ribbon."
This string of white pearls with black lace is the perfect union of black and white.
White pearls radiating against black. Pearls that remind its wearer of her liberty and virtue. Pearls, along with feathers, reflect the elegance of lightness.

Image of a necklace
Pair of brown boots

Beige Boots

Colour of inspiration - beige.
Beige – against the sacred union of black and white, it offers a counterpoint. An element of neutrality and heightened elegance. High heels have always been the epitome of elegance for women. These pair of boots can be worn with the classic "little black dress" revolutionalized by Gabrielle Coco Chanel. And can also adorn the feet of the modern women, no matter what dress she chooses to flaunt herself in.

Pair of brown boots Pair of brown boots

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Nosh Naaz Nash

About the Curators

Nosh, Naaz and Nash are three sisters who share the love
for Paris and every pretty things. We have our share of conflicts
over which shade of pink is the prettiest or how much black is too
much black. But for the most part, we bond over all the beautiful things
in life. Such as constellations, coffee and cute pom-poms.
This collection has been curated with love, from them, for you.

The collection can be viewed at 17/4 Irwin Street, at the very comforts of their home.

Come say hi soemtime. Together we can have a cookie. Or two.